Disney World does an amazing job with all their rides-but there is no way you can fit it all in during your trip. Take these into consideration when picking what to ride and what to skip!
  1. Jungle Cruise
    This ride is outdated, to put it bluntly. The ride is supposed to be a relaxing boat float through rain forests and jungles and it just doesn't stand a chance compared to the other ones. The jokes are almost to dry that you feel obligated to laugh. If you are looking for a place to sit down and relax and there is no wait, take a ride on the cruise-if there is no wait-otherwise spend your precious time elsewhere!
  2. Hall of the Presidents
    Depending on your crowd, you might enjoy this. The animatronics on the presidents are pretty amazing, but you really only hear them talk for 10 min, the rest of the time is dedicated to a video about the history of America. If it is a hot day or raining and you need to take cover, pop in for a nap. There are over 300 seats so it's almost never crowded. Otherwise, seek out something more fun.
  3. Country Bear Jamboree
    This little show is in the strip of buildings between frontier land and Liberty square. Most people don't really know about it and there is a reason why: it's nothing special. The show is a play off of the country bear movie and let's just say the movie was better.
  4. Tiki Room
    The tiki room is an interactive bird show in adventure land. Sometimes the kids love it, but mainly people find it annoying. They have recently gone under some refurbishments, but I haven't checked it out since I have never had a desire to go back after my last visit to the tiki room. If you are looking for a show, I would recommend Philharmagic in fantasy land!
  5. Swiss Robinson Family Treehouse
    This attraction draws people in with the views of a looming, giant treehouse, but after you have climbed the hundreds of stairs, you regret your interest. 9 times out of 10, the treehouse isn't worth your limited time in the park.
  6. Aladdin's Carpet
    This typical carnival ride is nothing special. Sure the view is nice and it's relaxing to zoom through the air, but there are many other rides Disney uniquely offers that will better entertain you. Save the carnival rides for at home-you're on vacation here in the happiest place on earth-take advantage of other rides!
  7. Teacups
    Every parent has a horror story about the teacups on the edge of fantasy land-whether it be feeling sick to their stomach from twisting around or having to ride it 3 times in a row. The teacups are another ride you can find at any old amusement park-if you are looking for a ride nearby to amuse small children-walk next door to Winnie the Pooh. Adorable and perfect for kids + way less spinning.
  8. Barnstormer
    The barnstormer is the baby coaster. Depending on your crowd's age and likes, this ride might be what you're looking for (a coaster for you and your 4 year old). If you are above 7, you'll probably want to avoid it. The ride itself is literally 50 seconds long, too, so be aware.