More of a personal list
  1. Go to Ledges state park
    The pictures look beautiful and fairly accessible... Hmu to be my hiking buddy
  2. Back to Homoha
    !!!! Yes. See some friends and be there while I'm not at school so I can totally just enjoy the city in a different way
  3. Read more
    Especially books pertaining to my major. Working on some books right now, but they are for more of an enjoyment factor.
  4. Enjoy my job
    I'm waitressing and it stresses me out to no end... I am getting better and I know it will be a good experience, plus that $$$$$
  5. See Hailee
    Hailee is my best friend I've met at creighton and I want to see her sometime this summer whether it's in DSM or going to South Dakota!
  6. Fairy Garden
    This may seem dumb but my sister and I are working on it as a fun projecf
  7. Make music
    I've been getting better at being back on the keys but I would love to jam with Charlie and do some covers
  8. Work on my voice
    I'm not in voice lessons any more and to be honest, I don't know if I took full advantage of them when I was, but I am becoming more and more comfortable with my voice and want to improve it and keep it up. Not sure how I'll execute this but I want to!
  9. Bike ride downtown
    Seems trifle, but I want to do this!
  10. Meet someone new
    Dare I say a..... Boy?
  11. Paint
    I have some canvasses so... Ideas are welcome
  12. Do something to my body
    This can be a new piercing, a change in my hair, etc. idk
  13. Feel free to add other ideas in comments!