ArT mAtTeRs~
  1. How the fuck is this considered art
    I could do better than that
  2. Why is the guard looking at me like I'm a criminal
    Giphy downsized medium
  3. Am I standing too close to the painting?
  4. What a nice drawing of a....line
  5. Why does the guard watching me look at the paintings with naked people make me feel uncomfort
  6. HA, PENIS
  7. That penis looks so... sturdy
  8. How long is too long to stare at the penis
  9. HA, BOOBS
    (Not as funny as penis tho)
  10. How long do I need to look at a painting before I move on to the next one
  11. Why is the guard still looking at me
  12. Am I allowed to take pictures or nah
  13. I'm so artsy
  14. How hard would it be for me to become Picasso