1. My family lives about 15 hours away.
    But my roommate was pretty much my adopted sister, so I felt like I still had "family" nearby.
  2. My roommate moved out last month.
    So family is gone. But my boyfriend was here for the summer and we spent every moment - literally every moment - together for three months. I didn't feel alone at all.
  3. Two days ago, my boyfriend went back to school 30 hours away.
    And now I feel very alone.
  4. My roommates room is still completely empty, and I want to move my things, but I also don't want to move my things.
    I want to preserve the way things were this summer — my boyfriend and I slept on the floor in my living room, and I want to continue sleeping here for whatever reason. It gives me some semblance of normalcy?
  5. And then when I do want to move my things, I can't.
    Everything is too heavy or difficult for me to move, and I don't have anyone to help me do it. Because I'm alone.
  6. And I think of asking a friend for help.
    But I don't really have any friends. I think I have three. And I blew them all off this summer in favor of being with my boyfriend.
  7. I feel very alone, scared, small, secluded.