an attempt at taking more notice/appreciating more of the small but great things that happen each day
  1. the employee at Dunkin' Donuts punched all the holes in a rewards card for me so my next drink would be free, just because I patiently waited for my latte :)
  2. watched the eclipse with @allsnlws and was waiting for a round of applause that only a college campus could supply. they delivered!!! also the eclipse was really cool.
  3. comforting friends, a comforting mom, iced lattes, getting to take classes that are truly relevant to what I want to do in life, and people who sit next to you and introduce themselves
  4. the barista at Starbucks asked me if I adopted my cat last year! she was the employee at the humane society, and remembered my cat's name and asked how she was doing :)
  5. emilee and I volunteered at a farm and worked hard and fed goats and sheep and then got coffee and em tried her first latte and liked it!!
    and and and
  6. earlier a girl complimented my glasses, and in the next hour, I get to stare at a pretty boy for 3 hours straight
  7. got a job at the farmers market teaching kids the importance of healthy eating 🥕🥒🍋🥑🍐🍎
  8. started 2 jobs in a 24 hr period and I have money again!! the farmers market job is super cool and I got to eat lots of raw honey and tomatoes and beets
  9. a boy took me out for lunch and held open the door for me and paid :) later at work, an older couple ordered onion rings as their appetizer and when I set them down, they said, "olivia, what a phenomenal job. this is really something!!" I told them I didn't make the onion rings but they were appreciative nonetheless and I'm always touched by that
  10. enjoyed salted caramel mochas with allison and then took engagement/pregnancy photos of my friends and it was really sweet
  11. my new job is really cool. I took a long drive after I got off work and got coffee. I came home and took a nap on my back porch and it was glorious.