1. I can so clearly remember the day Pure Heroine came out and I was captivated. I remember it being a few days after dancing with this guy at homecoming. I remember I was going through his Instagram when I listened to it the first time.
  2. I remember him picking me up on our first date and thinking about 400 Lux and A World Alone.
    "I feel grown up with you in your car / I know it's dumb"
  3. If any song had to be played over a montage of our relationship, it would be A World Alone.
    Everything about that song feels like being in love with him.
  4. Right before we broke up, Green Light came out and I HATED it. We both talked so much shit on it; I was very disappointed. Then a few weeks later, we were broken up and he told me he listened to her new album and it was good but I was still hurt about Green Light so I didn't listen.
  5. Until last night! Oh my goodness.
  6. "Three years, loved you every single day, made me weak, it was real for me... But I still remember everything, how we'd drift buying groceries, how you'd dance for me. I'll start letting go of little things til you're so far away from me."
  7. Last night I listened to Melodrama for like 4 hours and danced myself clean of those last emotional ties to him.
  8. That montage to A World Alone is nice but it's just a supercut, and only a supercut, and it doesn't hurt anymore.
  9. Thank you, Lorde. Sorry for talkin' trash.
  10. Giphy