My Entire Biography in Ten Sentences

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Hazy from twilight sleep, mom brought me into the world in December 1972.
  2. With me and mom in tow, Dad moved us from Lake City, AR to Rolla, MO to forward his career.
  3. My sister Lori was born, and then we moved to Asheville, NC and then Racine, WI.
  4. I spent important formative elementary years in Racine, WI at the best school ever: Jefferson Lighthouse.
  5. After my youngest sister was born, the whole family moved to St. Charles, MO for Dad's job.
  6. In ninth grade, my family moved to Chesterfield, MO where I attended high school, which was pretty hellish until senior year 1990.
  7. I went to college at UMSL and not only graduated at age 20, also married at 20 too.
  8. I went back to school and got a teaching degree while husband had affair, so I got divorced and got involved in a rebound relationship with husband's friend one month after split.
  9. I rode a roller coaster of a life with the rebound--got married, had kid, dealt with his hellish drug addiction, worked five jobs at once, got advanced graduate degree and then got divorced.
  10. I spent five years in therapy, lost a lot of weight, learned to run and how to handle stress and learned to love myself. So now....To infinity and beyond!