Because I feel I'm going to need it this Monday. 🙃
  1. Lucky Penny
    Found this guy waiting right outside my door today, face up and all. 😊
  2. Mother's Day Flowers
    My class planted flowers to take home for their mothers. I was out on Friday so we finished up the craft today. One of my students is not into the whole crafty thing. I asked him to decorate the out side of his flower carton. He argues that he didn't plant one (in order to get out of doing the craft, I presume). I say "Don't worry I planted one for you!" In his best-trying not to be amused tone he replies "of course you did." I don't know why but this made my day. 👌🏽
  3. Boys Track
    Occurs at the same time as girls track. I was lucky enough to get these three boys away from the girls and we were able to run 3 miles!! A win in my book, for sure.