This time I'm writing them down. Apparently, everyday is a fresh beginning
  1. 1.
    Dare to be
    Dare to be who I am. This is holding ultimate truth
  2. 2.
    Wake up 6am in the morning.
    Read, eat, exercise. Reply emails
  3. 3.
    Working on my smile face
    in the meantime, also practice RBF to the mean people
  4. 4.
    Be the first one to say hi to the person I want to know
    Don't be shy don't hold back
  5. 5.
    Launch podcast "see think do"
    Guests guests. All of my friends are so brilliant
  6. 6.
    Do the weekly summary list
    Document good things, good people, good vibes
  7. 7.
    Stop turning my friends into therapist
    They should seriously consider a career in psychology
  8. 8.
    Make amends with people I love