5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. My son with the son of some friends on his shoulders. Oscar night. Brewski's.
  2. A used pregnancy test I saw on the parking lot at my old high school. I was too afraid to look & see the results. And too embarrassed for the person who decided this was the place to dispose of it. And too angry to give a shit whether she was pregnant or not.
  3. I think schadenfreude should be a sport.
  4. I turned around and came back down the hill so I could take this picture about 8 times. There is no filter used here. This was what the sky looked like that night. Amazing!
  5. My twin sister bought me this Christmas wreath. It's one of two Christmas decorations I put up for Christmas 2015. It still hangs on my door. I just don't turn it on. She'd be upset that I haven't put it away, yet she'd nod knowingly and smile if I told her. I love my sissy. Thank God she loves me too.