Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. I found this online. I know.... I mean I *KNOW* this is Dustin Diamond, aka Screech Powers from TV's "Saved by the Bell." Haven't confirmed it. I just know it.
  2. Abraham Lincoln was a smart man. His quotes inspire me. I shot this to share with my teenage son. I want him to be inspired too.
  3. After an exceptionally rough day at work, I happened upon this. I'm not sure if the one star is the best possible type of shit parade to deal with or the worst. I just know it's bad. And this meme made my day a little bit better.
  4. I'm not sure why this photo struck me like it did, but I just love the purpose in this bird's eyes. "Yeah, I can fly. So what? Take the pic & get outta my way. " Is it a German bird? Austrian? Might explain the attitude. Haha
  5. I saw this as a meme that read "Who hurt you? Where is he?" It just hit me so hard. I know that's not what's happening here, but I've held my little boy just like that when someone has hurt him or he's hurt himself. It just resonated. So I searched until I found the blank pic, no text.
  6. Just thought, "My God! How true is that?!" Soooo... yeah.
  7. I feel this needs no explanation.
  8. Because sometimes you just feel this way & this picture expresses exasperation in a way a text cannot. Love it!
  9. Can you say you've ever seen this before? I never had.
  10. Working in an ER leads to lots of different experiences, some really unpleasant. In this case, we transferred out a trauma victim by helicopter to a trauma facility. The flight nurse let me know how the patient handled the trip. And who was on the receiving end of his upset stomach. I hated it, but it was kinda funny.