It's a simple list. It is in no way an all-inclusive list. It is subject to change and/or addition.
  1. Verbal shorthand.
    Can we just......👉👈
  2. Enable one another's DQ cravings.
    I want something sweet. D'you want something sweet?
  3. Critique judges' critiques on reality TV shows.
    Seriously?? Wtf are you thinking, Isaac? That dress is old cotton candy wrapped in fugly dyed fabric! He didn't even sew it!! Gahhhh!!
  4. Think we could totally hang with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.
    I want to sit back & watch him make them stop and think.... He can do it.
  5. Believe, fully, we are two of the most hilarious people we know.
    I'm glad we're funny.
  6. Get each other. We just *get* each other.
  7. Appreciate Jason Bateman.
    I meannnnnn.....
  8. Don't understand Beliebers. Fuck.
    Amirite?! Gahhhhhduhhh!
  9. Think we're the world's best Best Friends.
    That's right. Ya gotta capitalize it. It's a title. It's an honor. It's a proper noun, people.