As this is my first list, there will likely be no rhyme or reason to it. But, hey, you gotta start somewhere.
  1. I have too many guilty pleasures to list.
    Currently, my big guilty pleasure is watching reruns of "Fantasy Island" on tv. I record it every day. It's not Hervé Villechaize's "The plane! The plane!" that draws me in. It's Ricardo Montalban's swagger. Good gawd!!
  2. I have more to do than I have time, but I waste time on a regular basis.
    Hello! I'm creating a list. On an app. On my cell phone. And multi-tasking by watching Fantasy Island. (Sigh.) I know.
  3. I think I'm funnier than I probably am.
    I don't laugh at my own jokes. I'm sarcastic and witty, according to my mother. "And you know," she used to say, "you have to be smart to be witty." Maybe I'm not that smart?
  4. Other people have their "things."
    I wish like hell I was better about recognizing that when I need to. It would keep me from being judgmental at times.
  5. I want my boyfriend to be more vocal with his emotions & share deeper feelings with me.
    Pipe dream. Leads to no small amount of frustration on my part. Knowing he loves me helps, but sometimes I need more from him than he's willing to give. Scares me.
  6. I wish my son were a better student.
    He is his father's son in the school department. Guh.
  7. I wish the roast I need to fix tonight were done.
    But I haven't started it because...well... Fantasy Island and
  8. Some people will just always be assholes.
    'Nuff said.
  9. I think it'd be bad ass to have some friends who were famous people.
    Tim Gunn is one of the first who springs to mind. Jenny Lawson, wonderful author. Melissa McCarthy...Omg I think we'd hit it off and be such good friends! I'm a good friend. I'd love to be a good friend for a celebrity. (Sighhhhhh....)
  10. Sometimes you have to stop making lists and start doing things.
    I'm coming, Crock Pot!