1. Oh wow that's so cute god why don't they make cute stuff like this for people my size
  2. Maybe I could fit into tha- NOPE I'M WRONG
  3. I bet I can find something in the men's section....
  4. The only thing that fits me is this scarf. Looks like I'm buying it.
  5. That oversized sweater would literally be form fitting for me....
  6. Who could possibly fit into that size? If so good for them but holy crap!
  7. Why not have a plus size section? Do you know how much money you'd make off of this part of the population?
  8. Man that's so goddamn cute WHYYY NOT ME
  9. These clothes are so much cheaper than Lane Bryant. What the hell!
  10. I look like I'm a mom compared to these other ladies here
  11. Look, person who works here, I KNOW I can't fit in any of this. You don't have to give me that look
  12. If I lost weight I could wear this stuff. But I'm happy with who I am so I refuse to conform to society on this one. ✌🏻️