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There's like one week in NC when it's insanely nice out, here are some pictures of that magical time.
  1. Check out Buddha straight chilling
    He's so into it.
  2. What we in the scientific community call a "marigold"
    Also maybe the yellowist yellow of all time.
  3. This puppy is pretty stoked about the nice weather
    And yeah he's only got one eye yet somehow DOUBLE the awesomeness of other dogs.
2 more...
In an effort to improve my own psychological well being I'm gonna try out some positive psychology in this bosh
  1. Homemade kombucha.
    I'm firmly on the side of science so I don't believe in the hippy dippy "it cures cancer and fixes all your ails" claims. What it Does Do is taste great, and quenches my cravings for carbonated beverages in a healthier way than going for a soda. Plus probiotics! Be kind to your gut microbes, y'all!
  2. These adorably talented siblings
    Look at my boyfriend on the right there. Look how cute. Look.
  3. Random animal encounters
    This kitty didn't want to take a picture, but I was pleased to see her.
  4. Seeing glass menagerie tonight
    Supporting local theater, just do it.