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By no means is this a how to, I haven't mastered that yet. Right now, life is fluctuating between overwhelming & just getting by. These are reminders for myself of what has worked in the past.
  1. Reality check
    Are my basic needs being met? Yes
  2. Do I have a support system?
  3. Am I utilizing this support?
    I could be reaching out more
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I moved here about 3 weeks ago & through brief interactions and observations have learned quite a bit.
  1. Local residents are very vocal in their support of Trump
    They bring it up with no encouragement.
  2. Apparently there are many reasons to support Trump
    I personally can't think of one!
  3. For example:
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@totallyjudged, because it needs discussed.
  1. This was the first book series I ever read.
    I read nearly every book between 1st-4th grade. Shout out to my neighbor who gave me her books in the hopes we would some day start our own BSC.
  2. Baby Sitters Little Sister was the second series I read
    And it was just as amazing.
  3. The BSC taught me USA geography
    Back story: my dad is obsessed with history & war, which is why I, at 6yo, knew where Vietnam was. While reading the BSC, I constantly misread Vermont as Vietnam, and was amazed they could travel there by car, & did so frequently. I was confused, & then humiliated when I asked my mom how that was possible.
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  1. And I couldn't believe it.
  2. Surely this isn't the same young girl I used to tutor.
  3. And then her mom was on the screen, sharing her broken heart so bravely.
    And I knew it was indeed the student I spent a year helping. They looked so much alike.
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  1. Smoking while holding a baby
  2. Smoking while blowing up balloons
  3. Holding a lit cigarette in the same hand as a full balloon
    And being pissed when the balloon pops
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inspired by @twigviscious. This will most likely be the first of many "made me cry" lists
  1. Let's start with Disney first.
    The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Inside Out
  2. Now some classics
    Little Women, The Way We Were, Cold Mountain
  3. Susan Sarandon films
    Anywhere but Here, Stepmom, Little Women
  4. Less obvious movies that induce tears
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Breakfast on Pluto
I think I'm onto something guys. Fuck new year resolutions, this actually stuck!
  1. It's 8 months later & I have reached my goals.
    And then some...
  2. Goal 1: 30-45 minutes of physical activity 5 days if the week.
    If somebody told me I'd enjoy exercising & look forward to it, I would have laughed. But I really do, it's one of the best parts of my day.
  3. Goal 2: Eat fresh produce daily.
    So simple. Even if it was just a carrot for a snack instead if a granola bar.
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  1. He sends the troops over when he can't be by my side.
    And reminds me I'm not alone.
  2. He talks me to sleep on the phone.
    Because I sleep better hearing his voice before I doze off.
  3. He is willing to drop everything & drive to me when shit is hitting the fan.
    This impressed me over 4 years ago, when we were only friends.
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The past week has been demanding & emotional, but I got through it. Today is making me lose all my shit.
  1. Mom had her first bad day since the mastectomy.
    I hate not being able to take away the emotional pain & frustrations that come with her cancer treatment.
  2. There is zero fucking way to connect to the internet at my folks house.
  3. All 3 of the computers are broken.
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Last week I vacationed with family in Yankton, SD. It was wonderful.
  1. Arriving to the resort & being completely surprised that not all of South Dakota is awful.
    Sorry any citizens of SD, but after having ridden across SD 3 times, I came to hate the barren flatbed.
  2. Walking less than 7 minutes to the reservoir & swimming every day.
  3. Learning how to paddle board!!
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