As a social worker who provides education support to inner city youth, I find myself feeling scared for my kids & their families these days. My kids are the reason I push past that fear & are the daily reminder that love HAS to win.
  1. The following bullet points are how I practice love towards humanity & hopefully provide a safe environment for the very special kids I serve.
  2. Every morning is a fresh start, an opportunity to do better.
    Whatever aggravations that occurred yesterday stay in the past. Every day is a second chance to be a better person.
  3. A genuine smile as each family drops off a child.
    They made it safely, I'm happy to have another day with them.
  4. "How are you today? Did you have a good night?"
    We check in with evey family, and we listen to what they say. Their experiences in the past 15 hours matter, and are recognized.
  5. "And how about you?"
    The best is when it's reciprocated, and a relationship starts to build.
  6. A review of the basic rules in program.
    Hearing the youngest kids, providing examples of what it means to use kind words & how to make sure we all feel included in the group, in their sweet voices is an encouragement the whole world needs.
  7. Constant encouragement, every minute of the day.
  8. Practicing mindfulness.
    It's easy to get wrapped up in the past or worried about what's next, especially for my kids who have been through so much. Allowing them to simply be, it is one of the greatest challenges with the most rewarding outcomes.
  9. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.
  10. "I am here for you."
  11. "You are an awesome person."
  12. "I am so proud of you."
  13. "Thank you for teaching me."
  14. In the 40ish hours I have each week with my fragile, loving, and moldable kids, that is the least I can do.
  15. In light of recent events, it doesn't seem like enough.
    And many of us are thinking that. But if we all can practice loving acts and practice kindness when we are with the kids, maybe that is enough.
  16. Because there are more of us who care, than not.
  17. So even in the smallest ways, in strong numbers, we can & will let love win.
  18. Because we HAVE to.
  19. Our kids don't deserve anything less.