I moved here about 3 weeks ago & through brief interactions and observations have learned quite a bit.
  1. Local residents are very vocal in their support of Trump
    They bring it up with no encouragement.
  2. Apparently there are many reasons to support Trump
    I personally can't think of one!
  3. For example:
  4. "He'll steal back what the government stole from me!!!"
    Oh...I just want to pay for this & get the hell out this store.
  5. "Robots are going to destroy us. Trump will stop it though."
    Whaaaaaaat? I have no idea where either of these comments came from. I simply asked when the next bus arrives
  6. "He has no couth, but I'm sure he'll protect my rights, especially as a woman."
    I can't make this up. This is when I started to feel uncomfortable in my new town.
  7. Besides a general outpouring of support for Donald, there's also support for guns.
    Checking out at the gas station, the clerk took her time to scan my items because looking at her gun catalog took greater precedence.
  8. Some people are so proud of the violence in nearby Youngstown, they wear shirts with guns on them & sport sayings such as "murder capital"
  9. This last one baffled me the most. The focus of a large after school program in the area is not on academics, but rather fun. Fine, nothing wrong with that.
    Until it's explained that majority of the students attending are of color and suffer academically. Instead of helping, the logic is "let them focus on sports; it's their only hope"
  10. WTF!!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm disturbed, heartbroken, and wanting to find a way to speak my mind without flipping out.
  12. Any suggestions?
  13. Because I'm positive I'll have more of these interactions.
    And I can't just shake my head & reply "that's one way of looking at it"