My husband is my favorite person

  1. He sends the troops over when he can't be by my side.
    And reminds me I'm not alone.
  2. He talks me to sleep on the phone.
    Because I sleep better hearing his voice before I doze off.
  3. He is willing to drop everything & drive to me when shit is hitting the fan.
    This impressed me over 4 years ago, when we were only friends.
  4. He joins me at church & even agreed to a Catholic wedding.
    As a man with no particular beliefs in a higher power & is always questioning the popular beliefs, I love that he is respectful of my practices.
  5. He has a way in the kitchen.
    Breakfast is his specialty, mmm mmm mmmmm.
  6. I appreciate him calling me on my bullshit.
    And he manages to not make me feel like a fool in the process.
  7. He is my favorite road trip partner.
  8. I will always jam to his playlists.
    Except when there is crummy country, come on dude!
  9. My husband is kind & generous, hilarious & outgoing, is the person who brings out the best in me, and loves me despite of my faults.
  10. And that's the end of this sappy list!