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  1. This was the first book series I ever read.
    I read nearly every book between 1st-4th grade. Shout out to my neighbor who gave me her books in the hopes we would some day start our own BSC.
  2. Baby Sitters Little Sister was the second series I read
    And it was just as amazing.
  3. The BSC taught me USA geography
    Back story: my dad is obsessed with history & war, which is why I, at 6yo, knew where Vietnam was. While reading the BSC, I constantly misread Vermont as Vietnam, and was amazed they could travel there by car, & did so frequently. I was confused, & then humiliated when I asked my mom how that was possible.
  4. My favorite characters
    Dawn, Claudia, Stacy. And I think possibly Abby
  5. The entire time I read the books I thought the third Pike triplet was named Bryan, it wasn't until I came back to the series as an adult that I realized his name is BYRON. Not quite a Vermont/Vietnam mix up, but still.
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  6. Dawn, Claudia, and Stacey are the trifecta! ✨
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  7. The first book I read was Claudia and Mean Janine, but the one that made me a believer was BOY-CRAZY STACEY. (I'm going to New Jersey in a few days and there had best be something resembling Sea City when I get there.)
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  8. Someday I would like to take the exact road trip that the girls take in BSC in the USA. Please consider this your formal invitation.
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  9. My cousin and I decided to write a book series called Best Friends Forever (very obviously inspired by the BSC). The book I "wrote" was titled Mystery at the Mesa County Fair. Someone stole a pie or something? 🙈
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  10. The BSC movie is still one of my favorites.
    The soundtrack is awesome. Its cast is great, & has some young stars. Oh and Luca 😍