I think I'm onto something guys. Fuck new year resolutions, this actually stuck!
  1. It's 8 months later & I have reached my goals.
    And then some...
  2. Goal 1: 30-45 minutes of physical activity 5 days if the week.
    If somebody told me I'd enjoy exercising & look forward to it, I would have laughed. But I really do, it's one of the best parts of my day.
  3. Goal 2: Eat fresh produce daily.
    So simple. Even if it was just a carrot for a snack instead if a granola bar.
  4. Goal 3: Meditate daily.
    Hands down the best practice I've introduced in my life. I honestly wouldn't have made it through this year with so much calm & sanity if I hadn't started meditating.
  5. This is a big one, Goal 4: Move out west.
    And at this point, I'm so desperate to reach this particular goal that I'm calling far eastern Ohio "The West". But we did it, & I'm so excited to change things up.
  6. I'm saner than I used to be, I'm learning to take care of myself, starting a new chapter in my life, & I'm so damn excited.
  7. End of pat on the back!