Don't let the man on the horse convince you Boston breweries are only for the pre-revolutionary patriot - this list is a comprehensive breakdown for the Boston loving hop advocate
  1. Sam Adams
    One if by land, two if by beer. Sam Adams, seasoned by the large influx of tourists and/or locals looking to have a boozy time, knows how to put on a tour. The guides are sassy, yet informative & the tour ends happier than most fairy tales - with communal pitchers. & just in case you haven't tried the Boston lager, you should probably start there
  2. Harpoon brewery
    With a huge taproom on the waterfront, most locals know this brewery as a haven to millennials & for its biannual tent parties. Go here for delicious brew batches not available for purchase outside the brewery & literally any type of pretzel. Going in the summer? - big squeeze *
  3. Mystic
    Brewing in what some Yelp reviewers call a "cavernous warehouse", mystic beer is known for its farmhouse/Trappist creations. Also - it's run by a guy who has a phD in biochemistry, which leaves with me hoping this would be like Bill Nye The Science Guy for kids of legal drinking age.
  4. Nightshift
    offering a variety of culinary beers - we suggest you try literally everything. a little off the beaten path, this is a great place to congregate with some friends and a flight. My personal favorite best the santilli - named for its proximity to the pristine & bustling Everett highway
  5. Downeast Cider
    Literally underneath a bridge, no troll here though. Great outdoor space if you're looking for an hang out with backyard BBQ games (aka cornhole). Don't let the this cloudy craft fool you, this is more than just apple juice for big kids 👊🏽
  6. Bantam
    while the names of their cider sound like expensive wine (Wunkerkind & Rojo for example), this hidden Somerville gem creates elixirs packed with citrusy sweetness. One yelper states "this place is the Beyoncé of cideries" which is an informative sentiment about the taproom population & the craft itself. Bantam doubles as a really popular after work yuppie hangout, so grab your starving jcrew clad roomies and stop by.
  7. Aeronaut
    Are you a hipster? Or just someone who is looking for something different to do on a weeknight in Somerville? Boasting really eclectic events almost every night, this beer hall hosts everything from projector Mario cart to live music. Batches fluctuate frequently, but good info can be found on the website.
  8. Lord Hobo
    A strangely bougie dive bar, the food here is delicious. While they have an official brew house in Waltham, their location near Kendall square is worth a stop if only for a quick beer and savory nibble. Boom sauce is the trending local fav
  9. Cambridge brewing company
    An airy gastropub near Kendall square, their American style menu compliments their selection of IPAs, porters & lagers. Go here for decent tasting beer & a sit down hang out ambiance.
  10. Trillum
    This farmhouse-style brewery lives in fort point and boasts hopped up IPAs along with sour siasons. Brews are aged in barrels sourced from local distilleries, ensuring you taste locality in every sip. Samples are offered in the taproom, but we recommend grabbing a growler of the classic the Trillium Farmhouse Ale
  11. Slumbrew
    Also boasting that Somerville hipster vibe, this microbrew offers food & has lots of big TVs because yay sports! But in a seriousness, flagraiser (their IPA) & happy sol are great & the atmosphere definitely emulates a funky charm.