Brain crack is an idea that you think about all the time without taking the time to actually do anything about it.
  1. Stage adaptation of 1989 classic Teen Witch
    I have such a strong vision for this show that will never happen, including some script edits that would strengthen the story (like okay that ending??? Be better, Teen Witch). @tbergs93 is my collaborator on this imaginary project.
  2. A novel
    Okay this one is only kind of brain crack because I have written about 6,000 words on it but I've been thinking about this story for years.
  3. Numerous think pieces
    Including "The politics of the word expat" and "The tragedy of falling for doomed things" (these are working titles)
  4. This podcast
    Possibly called Pilot Riot or Boob Tube. Every week @lame and I would watch a different TV pilot and talk about it. I really want to do this actually but Kim is too busy 🙃