Requested by Alex


Thanks for the request, @alexim! I hope that as we get into tourist season, this can be useful to some of you!
  1. Watch the astronomical clock do its lil show on the hours
    Okay it's kind of underwhelming but no visit to Prague is complete until you have joined the throngs to see this.
  2. Prague Castle
    Though it's called a castle, it's actually a complex of government buildings surrounding the stunning St. Virus Cathedral. The site is massive, and the grounds are free to enter all day, but I recommend buying the cheapest ticket to get access to the inside of the church as well as several other cool buildings. Don't miss the Strahov Monastery up the hill, which has a lovely library and a brewery!
  3. The Mucha Museum
    He was the master of Art Nouveau and a really beautiful soul. This museum is the best place to take in his sumptuous posters, plus it's highly informative. NOTE: If you plan on visiting both the Mucha and Kafka museums, buy both tickets at the same time for a discount!
  4. Spend a day at the National Gallery
    Don't be fooled by the hideous exterior, this building houses one of the most fabulous collections I've seen. It focuses mainly on Czech art, which may surprise you, given that it's largely absent from the art history canon. Be sure to plunk out the extra crowns to see Mucha's Slav Epic.
  5. Step back in time at Vyšehrad
    Czech for "upper castle," this Medieval fort looms over the city, and is now a park containing a church, cemetery, and gallery.
  6. The Franz Kafka Museum
    If you read and enjoyed The Metamorphosis in college, or if you're just a general lit nerd, you'll probably get a kick out of this museum. It's as surreal as any of Kafka's stories, as much an art installation as it is a history museum. NOTE: If you plan on visiting both the Mucha and Kafka museums, buy both tickets at the same time for a discount!
  7. Museum of Communism
    I haven't yet been here myself, but from what I've heard, it's a very good museum chronicling the history of communism, with a focus on Czechoslovakia and the Slavic nations. It has a lot of artifacts and images in order to give visitors a picture of what Prague was like post-WWII up through the 80s. A must-see for all you history buffs!
  8. The Old Jewish Cemetery
    Located in what was once the Jewish Ghetto, this cemetery was for years the only burial ground for the city's Jewish population, resulting in the extreme overpopulation that draws visitors today. A slightly eerie and somber reminder of Europe's past, this ought not be missed. Ticket price also includes entrance to the beautiful Spanish Synagogue and several other attractions in the Jewish Quarter. Just remember, they are closed on Saturdays!
  9. The most beautiful library in Europe
    Housed in the Prague Klementinum, this room will take anyone's breath away. Guided tours of the space also include a trek up to the astronomical tower, which has a lovely view of Old Town.
  10. The Magic Cavern
    Nestled in the lush forest of Petřin Hill sits the house/gallery of artist Reon Argondian, who spent years transforming his basement into a colorful grotto in which to house his hundreds of fantastic oil paintings. Basically it's like if deviantart threw up on the inside of a house—hilarious, weird, and offbeat. The surrounding park is worth exploring as well. Don't miss the nearby Hunger Wall, built in 1362 by Charles IV as a welfare project for his impoverished subjects.
  11. See the symphony at the Rudolfinum or an opera at the National Theatre
    Prague has an extremely vibrant arts scene, and you can see high-quality productions for cheaper than in many other European cities. Plus , it's a chance to see the gorgeous interiors of two of the most iconic buildings in the city. Be sure to dress up!
  12. Grab a beer at Letná Beer Garden
    One of my favorite spots in the city, with cheap beer, a beautiful view of Prague, and LOTS of dogs.
  13. Snap your next prof pic at the John Lennon Wall
    This colorful graffiti project changes literally every day.
  14. Take a hike at Divoká Šárka
    If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, take a few hours and escape to the massive nature preserve within the city limits, complete with a lake, open fields, and a gorge.
  15. Stuff yourself with street food at Naplavka
    On Saturday mornings, the southeast riverbank explodes with one of the most vibrant farmers' markets in the city. Sample smoothies, baked goods, ethnic food from all over the world, and of course, lots of beer. (February - October, Saturday's from 8:00-14:00)
  16. Picnic on the Vltava
    For less than 2€ an hour, you can rent a paddle boat and spend a lazy afternoon floating down the river enjoying the views.
  17. Dance the night away at an 80s and 90s Video Party
    I'll be the first to tell you, I really can't stand clubs. But drop me at Lucerna on a Friday or Saturday night, and I will happily shake my ass onstage until 4am to the musical stylings of NSYNC, The Spice Girls, and Michael Jackson.
  18. Watch the sunrise from Charles Bridge
    In the summer, the sun rises early enough that it's completely plausible to catch this at the end of a night out, and the iconic bridge will be free of the crowds that plague it during the day.
  19. Watch the sunset at Riegrovy Sady
    Unwind after a day of sightseeing at this popular park with a bottle of wine or a pint from one of its several beer gardens, and watch the sun go down behind the spires of Prague Castle.
  20. Day trip to Kutná Hora to see the bone church
    Just over an hour away from Prague by train lies the old silver mining town of Kutná Hora. Though it's most famous for the bone church in the suburb of Sedlec, it also hosts a large museum of modern art and one of the most stunning gothic cathedrals I have ever seen. On top of that, the town itself is charming, and authentically Czech. If you have the time, it is definitely worth the trip.
  21. Enjoy the view from Žižkov Tower
    Looming over the city, this Communist-era TV tower, once meant to block out media from the West, now houses a cool bar with swings, beanbag chairs, and a panoramic view of the city. It's also famed for being the playground of Czech artist David Cerny's massive bronze baby statues (a few of which you can see up close on Kampa island near Charles Bridge).
  22. See a show at Meetfactory
    This gallery/performance space is was founded by David Černý, who is probably the most famous Czech artist. They regularly bring in cool indie bands from all over the world, as well as the occasional theatre production.
  23. Catch a movie at Bio Oko
    Part bar, part cinema, this hipster Mecca is a great place to spend a relaxing evening after a day taking in the sights.
  24. Check out a festival
    From about April-September, Prague is crawling with festivals, from the popular beer festival to the upscale food festival to the various neighborhood street festivals, there are multiple events to enjoy every weekend. When you're here, visit for a full listing of events in and around the city.
  25. If you're here in October: Signal Festival
    One weekend in mid-October, the center of Prague lights up with beautiful, weird, and original installations from tech companies and world-renowned artists alike. This is a free and public festival, great for both kids and adults.
  26. In December: Sip mulled wine at one of the numerous Christmas markets
    The holidays are an amazing time to be in Prague, as every square comes to life with its own market where you can buy touristy souvenirs and artisan goods while nibbling on Central European treats.