Inspired by @meg1, @lame, and co. I, like the best of em, use the term date realllll loosely.
  1. Italian food on Valentine's day
  2. Too anxious for arboretum sex
    It was my idea but I couldn't go through with it.
  3. Topless at the public library
  4. Fell asleep in his car
  5. "You're lucky you met me."
  6. Broke blinds in my apartment
  7. His mom called me elegant
  8. Fave sunglasses fell off cliff
    He risked his life to retrieve them tho
  9. Friendly's and Kung Fu
  10. Mattresses on living room floor
  11. "Move back here for me"
  12. Shouldn't have worn maxi dress
  13. "You're 23? Oooo, so young 😉"
  14. Got stoned, stared at bird
  15. His roommates made me pancakes
  16. I pet a cute dog