Ok this was v hard because when it comes to vacations I got BIG DREAMS and a lot of em.
  1. I would go to New Zealand
  2. And spend 3-4 months road tripping
  3. Preferably with one of these girls or @lame
    Or my friend Emma with whom I planned an entire imaginary NZ trip at the age of 12.
  4. And we'd visit my friends Sarah and Sam in Wellington
    They're the ones in the chair btw
  5. And go to Hobbiton
    Did u kno the tree on top is fake????
  6. And Mount Doom
  7. And all the Narnia filming locations
  8. And hike a TON
  9. And eat all the fish and chips
  10. And pet all the sheep
  11. And cry the whole time, probably
  12. Side note: has anyone else seen Top of the Lake
    If so, what did you think???
  13. Anyway
  14. Fuck New Zealand