Let me tell you about the WILD night I had last night. Sorry about the tense shifts.
  1. It started out normal.
    I drank A LOT and I was bummed cause the boy I wanted to make out with was vibing with someone else.
  2. I don't even remember leaving the club.
    Too drunk
  3. But there I was on the tram home with my pretty friend Claire and my 37 year old friend Thomas.
    We were standing, he was sitting.
  4. Then all of a sudden we look out the window and there's Tom on the sidewalk????
    It wasn't even our stop. I have no idea why he got up.
  5. So Claire and I get off the tram and find that he is lying in a pool of blood 😳
    And there's a large crowd gathering round. Claire is fREAKING OUT.
  6. I knew from the movies that when someone is concussed you can't let them sleep!
    So we were talking to him, trying to keep him conscious and not letting him close his eyes.
  7. And every time I said "no, Tom, don't fall asleep," he would try to sit up.
    And we'd be like "woah there stay where you are!" and he would just flop down again.
  8. So he was basically hitting his head On the sidewalk over and over again.
    Not good???
  9. So I put my hand under his head to make him NOT do that.
  10. And oh my god guys, blood really is sticky.
  11. Meanwhile Claire is having a panic attack so while this rando guy is checking on Tom I go over to check on her.
    We talk for a minute, she starts to calm down, we try to call some other friends to let them know what's happening.
  12. And then I look over to see rando GIVING CPR TO TOM.
    And I'm like "shit, did this divorcée just DIE in front of my eyes?" But he came to right quick. I'm still unclear on whether the CPR was necessary but hey it happened.
  13. We go back to talking to him and finally the ambulance comes and takes him away.
  14. As soon as he's gone I just start LAUGHING.
    I can't stop.
  15. So imagine me, walking through the streets of Prague, hands covered in blood, laughing hysterically.
    I'm surprised no one tried to have me arrested.
  16. And I took Claire home, we told his roommates, we went to bed.
  17. 👀
  18. And if you're wondering, Tom is fine. He cracked his skull and needed 15 (!!!) stitches, but otherwise all good! He was discharged from the hospital a few hours ago.