Sorry this took me so long!
  1. Travel writer!
    Combining my two favorite things and making money from it? Like yes pls. I actually have a travel blog that I really enjoy writing, even if I rarely update. #shamelessplug
  2. Rick Steves' personal assistant
    Honestly this is kind of the same thing as the last one only I'd get to hang out with the man I've been obsessed with for like 20 years
  3. Screenwriter
    But in a duo with my best friend Talia because we are honestly SUCH a good creative team. The next Poehler and Fey, I s2g
  4. The person who writes the descriptions on the back of Bath and Body Works candles
    "Close your eyes and be transported to the whitewashed cliffs of Santorini with this seductive scent supported by hints of green and tantalizing notes of jasmine and sea air." SEE IM A NATURAL.
  5. Someone who makes those sped up Facebook food videos (à la Tasty)
    You probably get to eat everything afterwards??
  6. Advisor for a study abroad program
    These corporate programs (IES, CIEE) literally hire expats to have meetings with college kids to be like "here's how to adjust to living in Paris," and "here's how British culture is different from American," and "here's how you get on a bus." I would KILL at this.
  7. Podcast host
    Preferably for a Gimlet Media show. Also in this scenario I'm dating P.J. Vogt
  8. Host of a Gimlet Media podcast about travel with frequent guest appearances by Rick Steves