They mean nothing to me.
  1. Dog wife sitting at table
  2. Firecracker in the tram
  3. What the Sam Hill is going on here?
  4. Bring Riley some ties
  5. "She's quite interested in going vegetarian. She's been vegan for a month and she's not going to do that anymore."
  6. Assassin's game and coin toss
  7. "Within a half hour she was massaging his cock."
  8. I'm a good girl. I'm suburban. I have straight hair.
  9. Death sex and money
  10. Sitting in a wet bathing suit on a vinyl car seat
  11. Power adapters as a symbol for my life
  12. Submissive cleaning boy
  13. I accidentally bought a racecar
  14. Girls collapse themselves to get out of clothing
  15. Lights on the stadium
  16. Baby prom
  17. I actually fold things in my hope chest as a hobby.