Thanks, earth. I love ya so much!!!!
  1. Hiking in the Dolomites with my best friend and her Italian cousin Julia
    It was a perfect day and these mountains are insane! If you're looking for an offbeat Europe destination, South Tirol is 💯
  2. Reuniting with my roommate/soulmate Ania after her semester in New Zealand and going canoeing with my boyf at the time and my two best male buds 💕
  3. The time my eggplant had a nose!
  4. SANDBOARDING in the Peruvian desert with these sexy ladies
    I was terrible at it but LOOK
  5. This reverse sunset at my beach house
    Ok this is looking east and the sun sets in the west EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE SOMEBODY PLEASE.
  6. The time I drove through Big Sur with my family and my sister and I were unimpressed by these redwoods
  7. All my summers in Maine
    Let's be honest, I'm probably going to live the latter years of my life as a hermit in Maine
  8. Hiking off my homecoming hangover in the Pennsylvania wilderness with my main lady
    And all the other adventures I had living in the middle of bumblefuck (penn state forever)
  9. Skinny dipping at Plitvice National Park after hours
    Scandal!!!! Don't tell anyone!!!!