I graduated from college one year (plus four days) ago.
  1. Static
  2. Me then:
  3. Me now:
  4. The day after commencement, I left on a road trip with some of the people who became my family in the four years we spent nestled in the drunken youthful sanctuary of Happy Valley.
  5. That summer was utopia. I swam in fountains, guzzled margaritas, and fell in love for the first time.
  6. In September I moved to Prague with my best friend. In December I watched her get on an airplane and fly away from me.
    In those three months, we got our TEFL certifications, had a Portlandian named Harrison sleep on our floor for a month, drank a lot of red wine, and cried together when my first love became my first heartbreak.
  7. I flew home for the holidays, welcomed 2016 with a bottle of champagne on a rooftop in Queens, and returned to Europe alone.
  8. Since then I've gotten a new job that challenges and scares me.
  9. I cried over what felt like insurmountable loss, and then I moved on.
  10. I started writing a novel.
  11. I reminded myself how to be alone.
  12. I joined the List App!
    now I hear it is called li.st who knows
  13. I made new friends.
  14. I traveled to Greece
  15. Austria
  16. Slovakia
  17. and the Netherlands
    with my mom!!!
  18. In the past year I have flailed and I have found my sea legs.
    I'm not done yet. I'll do it again. And you there, class of 2016, you will too.
  19. The end of university felt like being off the map.
    And it is. I have no idea what my life will look like six months from now, a year from now, and that has finally become okay.
  20. We're all going to be okay.