inspired by @lame and whoever started this one
  1. My dad bought me Winnie the Pooh in Latin when I was six and made me read it side by side with the original.
  2. I learned the NATO phonetic alphabet before I could count to 100
    Until I was like seven I would go "28, 29, 90..."
  3. Car rides were NPR-only
  4. I grew up on a farm with no kids, just cows.
  5. My first favorite movie was Oklahoma and I made my mom watch it with me every day.
  6. We had a kids' table and an adults' table for nightly dinners.
  7. Once my dad shaved his mustache and I didn't recognize him.
  8. My cousin convinced me our granny's house was haunted.
  9. The McDonald's near my Poppop's house sold the pink Cadillac they used to have inside.
  10. I went to Catholic high school of my own volition.