Someday. Maybe when I retire.
  1. Fargo season 2
    Already have plans to binge this
  2. Pushing Daisies
    I've started this twice I'm just awful at finishing things
  3. Outlander
    Yes yes give me that lady porn
  4. Band of Brothers
    I know literally nothing about this show but I MUST watch it, according to @franksars
  5. Hannibal
  6. Full Frontal
  7. Friday Night Lights
    Not a priority but Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins love it so I probably will too?
  8. Better Call Saul
    Suggested by @franksars
  9. Horace and Pete
    I've loved Louis C.K. since before it was fashionable, but I know this show is going to bum me out. My heart and head can't handle it right now. But I've already paid for and downloaded every episode.
    Suggested by @jstncwlcx
  10. New Girl and Community and possibly House
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom
  11. The Knick
    This was better than I could have anticipated, and I love period dramas.
    Suggested by @sswyryt
  12. How To Get Away With Murder
    The show is a fun watch and leaves you wanting more
    Suggested by @GuerillaRIOT
  13. Cuckoo
    On Netflix.
    Suggested by @PawneeGoddess
  14. Happy Endings
    So funny, great ensemble cast, funny gags and perfect one-liners
    Suggested by @LauraM