My artsy fartsy momma made for damn sure that I grew up with an appreciation for the fine arts, yet here I am living in a pantheon of culture and I've barely taken advantage of it. I didn't know much about Czech art before today but now I do! I feel like I have a newly expanded understanding of the Czech people.
  1. Maximilián Pirner-Death
    Pretty spooky, eh?
  2. Vojtěch Hynais-Science
    Science is a woman!!!
  3. Alfons Mucha-???
    I forgot to write down the name of this oops and this square photo thing is rlly harshing the vibe but. Everything Alfons Mucha ever made is a dream tho. You've probably seen his work but you should look at more!
  4. František Kupka-Babylon
    This guy is a very big Czech deal. I never knew him before but now I love him! Don't the colors in this make you want to die?
  5. František Kupka-Autumn Sun
    Better in real life (like all art) but you can kind of get the idea of how dreamy and perfect the light is here.
  6. František Kupka-Cosmic Spring | (Color and Depth)
    My boy again! Here you can see how he was starting to hang with Kandinsky (another fav)
  7. Emil Filla-Run, Kate
    Picasso ain't the only cubist, ya know! There was a lot of this guy but this was my favorite because it ties in with the fairytale motif common in Czech art and literature ☺️
  8. Antonín Procházka-Bouquet of Roses
  9. Václav Špála-The Vltava River Near Červená
    Can you even beLIEVE these blues?
  10. Bedřich Stefan-Girl with Absinthe
    aka me