Some sunrises too
  1. I accidentally napped too long and woke up with that heart-fluttery feeling but when I came out of my room the sky looked like this, almost like a cartoon, tbh. Later my friend came over and we watched Moonrise Kingdom.
  2. I got off at a random metro stop and walked to the nearest park. The sky was almost done by the time I got there but it was okay. I got lost trying to walk home.
  3. @lame was on a date or something and I was home alone and feeling sorry for myself, probably.
  4. This was the last time I ate Rita's. They were out of mango so I got pear instead.
  5. We were singing Next to Normal on the way to the beach. You can't see him but there was a cute boy sitting in the backseat there. He was reading an Isaac Asimov book and we were in love.
  6. One of my favorite weekends with some of the best people. That night was the first time I had sex with my first love.
  7. I spent Spring Break in Florida with my mom. We left really early but I had to take a photo first.
  8. I pulled over by a field on my way home from school. A little Amish boy was watching me. I wonder what he was thinking about.
  9. I was early to pick up my sister for a gig she was singing in Chesapeake City. It was really cold that day.
  10. We spent the day with my Granny right after she had her stroke. We thought she was gonna be okay but she died two days later.
  11. Meredith and I like to walk my dog here because there are geese and horses and a big pond. There are always rumors of this park being developed but somehow it's still there. All I listened to that month was Taylor Swift's 1989.
  12. My boyfriend and I got free tickets to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We kissed for a minute in the room with the Monets but I was too embarrassed to hold his hand. He's gay now.
  13. I'd finally stopped talking to the tall boy who emotionally abused me. I was sad and I instagrammed this with a C.S. Lewis quote as the caption.
  14. I dropped my dog's leash while fumbling with my phone and she ran into the ocean. I was kind of scared.
  15. This was my first night back at school for sophomore year. That was the semester I partied hardest and learned to kiss girls.