photos to come later because android beta crashes every time I try to add one. I actually had to give @lame my password in order to post that photo of me and @franksars yesterday it was KIND OF ridiculous.
  1. Like many people, I caught the travel bug early, and no number of airport layover hours, delayed trains, or dirty hostels has managed to cure me of it.
  2. Unglamorous as it may be, to me, nothing compares to the thrill of getting lost in a new corner of the world.
    Travel has made me more confident, resourceful, and outgoing. And is fun af, obviously.
  4. I am constantly falling in love with new cities, dragged down by the knowledge that I will never have the opportunity to truly understand them.
  5. Every time I leave a place, there is a chance I will never return.
    I know I make my own future but there are so many places to go.
  6. What's more certain is that if I do come back, it will be during a completely different phase of my life.
    I may be married, have a successful career or screaming babies in my arms (pls no), but chances are that bright-eyed, stupid, 23-year-old Laurel Ann will be long gone.
  7. As I sit in Schiphol Airport, I can't help but feel the Leaving Amsterdam Blues
    And, you know. Listers gonna list.
  8. So here they are: ALL THE REASONS I'M SAD THIS WEEKEND IS OVER or whatever
  9. Work tomorrow
    No thank you
  10. Leaving my mom
    Even though it's been around five years since I moved out, I still get a bit homesick from time to time, especially living on a whole new continent. My mom has been visiting me here in Europe for the past ten days and it has been THE BEST. Now it will be some undetermined number of months before I see her again. She and I are tight, and saying goodbye never gets easier. Growing up is hard sometimes.
  11. I'm quite taken with this tidy little country and its tall, tall people.
    Sometimes a city really speaks to me, and Amsterdam has done that. I felt instantly at home among its crooked brick buildings and orderly canals and millions of bicycles. I'd love to really get to know it, but unfortunately I'll probably never have the opportunity to live here.
  12. This beautiful human 💕
    Seriously, @franksars is a wonderful person with a kind soul and we are lucky to have him.