I came to the Czech Republic to teach English but I was getting paid beans so a couple weeks ago I got a job as a music teacher, which I'm totally unqualified for. They have no standards here.
  1. My first day was supposed to be Monday
    But no one gave me a schedule so I showed up at 8 am and the principal told me to come back on Wednesday. "8:30," he said.
  2. So I show up at 8:30 duh and the guy isn't there
    This is awkward
  3. Finally I find someone who knows what's happening and he tells me my first class isn't until 10:45
    And I'm like cool I'll wait nbd
  4. "Oh and PS," he says, "there are only 3 kids in this class one is an actress and one's a professional skier but the other one should be there probably maybe idk"
    Spoiler alert: she didn't show
  5. Then I taught a 7th grade class but they just wanted to talk about Taylor Swift so I let em
    Also I used the wrong kind of marker on the whiteboard
  6. And that's the whole thing. I got paid for this.
  7. Also I was looking at a calendar of holidays and events and there's a witch burning listed for April 29th
    Not looking forward to that day one bit!