@lame luh u bby
  1. She hates her hair, even though it's great hair
    Honestly every time there's a mirror she looks and says "ew, my hair" even though usually it looks perfect 🙄
  2. She's afraid of finger tips touching each other
    Never understood this
  3. In high school we didn't have many classes together so we had a notebook in which we'd write notes to each other during class and pass off in between.
    We filled three of these and sometimes wrote really mean things.
  4. She makes REALLY good pancakes
    With chocolate in OF COURSE
  5. We stopped wearing bras on the same day
    And we both tirelessly spread the Good Word of bra-lessness
  6. She gets reeeeal angry sometimes
    Like in crowds or once when the uber app wasn't working 😳
  7. We had matching backpacks for a year
    Neither of us is a Gryffindor though?
  8. She's a good poet!
    I was gonna post a poem here but idk if she'd like that
  9. Once we went to Canada and took many shots of maple syrup