it's very off brand of me to say nice things about a boy but i realized my last list made him sound like a jerk so i wanted to share the nice things about him too.
  1. He's got a cute lil Scottish accent
    And he says things like "wee" and "tatty scones."
  2. He's never dated an American before so before our fourth date I made a joke about the traditional fourth-date gift of a puppy and then he SHOWED UP WITH A STUFFED PUPPY and now he gets me stuffed dogs everywhere he goes.
  3. He calls people out for slut-shaming and other misogynist speech.
  4. A couple weeks ago I lost my wallet and as soon as I noticed he called an Uber to go back to the last place we'd been, and when we got out he actually ran to the spot we'd been sitting.
    Didn't end up finding it but he was super supportive and comforting.
  5. He loves Gilmore Girls as much as I do!
  6. Since I'm only reading books written by women this year, he makes an effort to only buy books written by women so I can read them after him.
  7. He has the most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen.
  8. He makes me laugh every day.