Besides like, my family and dog and other things that actually matter
  1. β€’
    REAL peanut butter
    I've mentioned this before but like SERIOUSLy
  2. β€’
    All-day breakfast places
    ESPECIALLY 24-hour diners!!!
  3. β€’
    Pre-made cookie dough
  4. β€’
    Revlon lip products
    I have quite a few that I brought with me but I NEED MORE
  5. β€’
    In my cutie pie baby cur
  6. β€’
    Having girlfriends???
    Like obviously I miss MY girlfriends but I don't even TALK to any WOMEN anymore
  7. β€’
    Having all the appliances
    I don't have a microwave, toaster, coffee pot, or blender ☹️ and my oven is broken
  8. β€’
    Air conditioning
    Okay I don't miss this YET but I WILL
  9. β€’
    Taco Bell
    I probably only eat Taco Bell four or so times a year but STILL