my brain is all over the place and I need to put things down somewhere or I'll explode
  1. I am terrified. I am devastated. I am longing to be the girl who 24 hours ago was feeling nervous but hopeful, welling up with tears of joy watching the videos of women at Susan B. Anthony's grave site.
  2. I feel like I didn't do enough.
    I live in a different country, which made it hard to volunteer. But I could have done more. I kept quiet on facebook. I barely pushed back when my friends from Michigan said they were voting for Gary Johnson. I didn't make it clear to my mother (lifelong Republican who despises Trump but dislikes HRC) how important this was to me.
  3. It's breaking my heart to see so many people I respect turning on Hillary, blaming her for this loss.
    Blame the GOP. Blame rural uneducated voters. Blame white women. Blame the Supreme Court (for gutting the Voting Rights Act). Blame hate. Do not blame the woman who worked for this her whole life, who fought for people her whole life, who is now probably experiencing a pain we cannot imagine.
  4. I feel so lucky that my boyfriend was there this morning to watch the results with me in horror and to hold me while I cried.
    He is still grieving the Brexit decision, and I think he understands exactly how I feel.
  5. My Ukrainian boss cried with me this morning. She is afraid of what this means for her and her children.
    I think many Americans fail to consider the global implications our decisions have.
  6. I never want to return to America.
  7. I want to return to America tomorrow so I can help win the next fight.
  8. We have failed younger generations and we will have to answer for that for the rest of our lives. I look forward to the future when their voices can be heard in hopes that they will stamp out the hate we helped plant for them.
  9. America remains a country worth saving. Let's embrace what binds us and discuss what separates us.
  10. Static
    If Anne could believe this, we can someday too.