1. Go on vacation near the water
    Arrowhead? A lake somewhere? Santa Barbara?
  2. Finish a work related goal, send it out
  3. Get a massage, manicure, pedicure, hair done, or all of the above
  4. Buy new outfit, go out in it that night
  5. Be of service to someone else. Help them with something they need
  6. Do a thorough cleaning of house, and then SAGE IT
  7. Get out those old witchcraft books from that phase from fourth grade and GET PRACTICING
  8. Go to a bookstore, buy new book, spend day outside reading it
  9. Get your chakras aligned or do reike or something similarly new agey.
  10. See a matinee movie alone at century city mall!!!!
  11. Go to a crystal store. Walk towards crystals you are drawn to. Buy them. Meditate with them in your hand.
    This list is getting psycho but IT WORKS AND I AM A PSYCHO
  12. Stay busy. Reach out to others. Have plans with them even when you don't want to