A dream list suggested by @bjnovak.
  1. It's Valentine's Day. I know--but keep reading
    You buy us matching, cheesy themed sweaters or tshirts. We wear them. We go to red lobster and we pretend we have been dating for a long time. We establish a rapport with our waitress. Our goal: see if we can get a free dessert. We do.
  2. Fast and furious 7 at the fox hills mall
    First you go to the mall food court. You go TAPAS STYLE, and get a bit from all big hitters: Panda Express, sbarro, hot dog on a stick. You share and remenisce about childhood. Then you see the movie, and cheer/talk thru the entire movie with a notoriously gregarious crowd. Share snacks and drink. One large soda is mandatory.
  3. Day trip to Santa Barbara zoo
    Make a play list for the car ride, or download a podcast, like serial. It's a fun first date and bonding to transport into another world. Zoo makes room for lots of topics of conversation.
  4. Santa Monica pier
  5. Sunday flea market at rose bowl, then frozen yogurt in Pasadena.
    Try on funny hats. Buy your date a gift. Sometimes it's too hot and heat and walking make me cranky though.
    Not a cop out. Get a recipe. Go to the market together and pick out all the ingredients. Cook together. Hopefully everything goes wrong. Hopefully everything burns. Accidents make for great memories. Eat a dinner you made together, watch a movie, laugh, have a couch makeout. Totally put out if you want to I have found zero rules to this.