1. An angry chef with tattoos, preferably of a knife and fork on his forearm or something!
    Just opened an artisanal, vegan (or meat product only!) restaurant in Venice or off Fairfax
  2. Long distance lover
    Who lives in the UK or New York we never see eachother or Skype but communicate exclusively through liking one another's social media, remain unwaveringly loyal
  3. Writer with his head in the clouds
    He needs so much space! To think!
  4. Artist
    Always crying!
  5. Fashionable, funny millennial heavily influenced by Kanye's fashion line but would never actually wear it
    Do I want this one? I don't know
  6. Banker, lawyer, or doctor
    Just to make my parents happy for 5 mins
  7. List Apper
    It's the goal of every app don't lie to yourself!
  8. Barista
    Fun latte art every morning!!!! But eventually this will get old how many leaves on foam can one girl look at amirite
  9. Construction worker
    Young man, there's no need to feel down I said young man! Also, *rough hands* 😉