1. I met a great guy on tinder and we had several mutual friends
  2. He was a comedy director
  3. On our first date, I met him at his house, which had several mattresses piled outside in the front yard
  4. He said he had been shooting a video
  5. He wouldn't tell me where we were going on our date. So we got in his car to mystery location
  6. 30 Seconds to Mars was on his ipod
  7. As we drove, we got closer to downtown LA
  8. And then the bad parts
  9. And then skid row
  10. I thought to myself, an online date is way too predictable a way for me to die. But oh well. Here we go! It's been a good run.
    I texted my friends 🔫🙈🚫😁🔪🔪🔪🙅🏼🙋🏼🎱💉💊💉
  11. But next thing you know, I was at some Step Up-esque underground slam poetry rap battle in a hidden, beautiful amphitheater
  12. And it was one of the most interesting and beautiful things I'd seen my entire life
  13. So basically, you can find beauty in unexpected places
  14. That guy ended up being weird though