1. A knit beanie from his therapist
  2. A spray painted shirt from the pier that said "online alison" (GIVEN POST BREAKUP)
  3. A Playgirl magazine with Steve Guttenberg on the cover
  4. A flyer promising a free trip to NY to see Billy Joel play (UNFULFILLED!!)
  5. Hello kitty glow in the dark mouse with matching mouse pad (with price tag still on it)
  6. 10 books on modern furniture and architecture (his passion not mine)
  7. A Sex Tips book (with pictures) written by Nick Hawk from Showtimes "Gigolos"
  8. A Lost memorabilia coffee cup, with a picture of Hurley on it, that says "everything happens for a reason."
  9. Crop top (3 sizes too big)
  10. Z-PACK (when I thought I had pneumonia)