1. You blew it
  2. You're a fraud
  3. They know you're a fraud
  4. You wasted their time
  5. They know you're a waste of time
  6. No one said bye to you when they left the boardroom
  7. You sounded arrogant
  8. You sounded dumb
  9. You have no real skills and overcompensated
  10. *eats leftover brownie*
  11. *texts 2 people*
  12. You'll never make money
  13. That was a bad first impression
  14. They are probably laughing at you
  15. You should probably text someone inappropriate and flirt with them to relieve this stress
  16. *texts w someone inappropriate and it relieves some of stress momentarily but doesn't solve greater issue at hand*
  17. Nvm, no one is thinking about me right now
  18. These people have way better things to think about
  19. I am the only one obsessing about myself
  20. Calm down
  21. Breathe
  22. You are fine
  23. You did fine
  24. There's a first time for everything and no one is perfect