Alternatively titled: when things stop being ironic, read it once in an obscure/really bad piece of literature, heard Daniel Handler say it in an interview, Chance the Rapper said it once & now I'm into it
  1. "Iconic"
  2. "Eaaazzzzy"
    like the Fugees in Ready or Not
  3. "Like it or not the refugees takin' over"
    again, like the Fugees in Ready or not— has been used iconically by me mid-debate in AP Gov
  4. "Nuanced"
  5. "Love it"
    said in a monotonous voice
  6. "I refuse to subscribe to such a pessimistic viewpoint.."
    usually when talking about politics, particularly when talking to ultra-rights who are suuuper negative about humanity & everything different from them, when racist/homophobic/bigoted people are talking to me about why they believe what they believe, etc
  7. "So chic"
    again, monotone
  8. "Like"
  9. "Guess what I read in Playbook this morning"
    me relaying the morning mews to my friends who don't care
  10. "I'm dead"
  11. "I'm literally dead"
  12. "Was that biased?" & "Is the biased?"
    me, hyper-analyzing everything I say mid-convo, outloud
  13. "Off the record"
    me looking out for myself incase I decide to run for office
  14. "In order to achieve the plurality outlined by our Constitution and sought after by our founders, we MUST....."
    used a lot more than you might think
  15. "Well, if I'm gonna do it, I might as well REAALLLLYY do it"
    me, before I overcomplicate an assignment