On the eve of a new season, let's talk about why you should get on board.
  1. Aesthetics
    The style of play is the prettiest it's ever been, as rule changes have made every team prize passing and offensive creativity. The games are 2 1/2 hours long... there's no risk of a five-hour slog like in baseball. It's the easiest sport to follow visually, and the only one where you can actually see the athletes' faces.
  2. Steph Curry
    Looks like a child, hits shots from every spot on the court. It's like a Disney movie.
  3. Ethics
    Athletes who are compensated for the business they generate, playing a game that doesn't damage their long-term health, in a league that's more progressive than most. If you want a sports league you can follow with a clear conscience, the NBA's your best bet.
  4. Crossover dribbles
  5. Personalities
    It has largely become a league of video-game addicts and fashion dorks. Most of the best players are actively affable dudes. And they're more entertaining on Twitter than players from other leagues.
  6. No-look passes
  7. The Lakers are a joyous mess
    It's an ancient, decaying Kobe Bryant, a couple young guys and some of the league's most magnificent weirdos. This team is going to be terrible, and it will make Kobe furious, and it's going to be hilarious.
  8. Slam dunks