As if airports weren't stressful enough.
  1. In Laguardia airport I saw a rat in the terminal and I screamed. Some woman nearby laughed and said "obviously she's not from New York" and I snapped back "no, I'm from Chicago"
    First of all who gets smug over rats? Second we have rats too. They're just not in our airports have you been to ohare? You could eat off the toilets.
  2. Once at customs the guy made a weird chuckle at my passport when he stamped it and said "welcome back" in that eerie voice you only hear on tv.
    Not sure why it bothered me so much but I spent the next week waiting for him to appear and murder me.
  3. When flying back from California my sister had an expired license and had a huge fit when they didn't let her get through until they verified her ID. When we finally made it to the security checkpoint she got held up for having a bottle of hair serum that was more than allowed. She got mad about this too.
    We missed our flight.
  4. My mom once tried to bring these guavas from Mexico and vehemently denied having anything in her bag when she was randomly selected for inspection at customs.
    Being stubborn cost her a $200 fine and she's on the watch list now for a couple of years. I don't travel with my family anymore.
  5. While waiting for our plane to be cleaned we saw an ambulance pull up to the plane on the terminal, as well as several men with clipboards. At some point someone was put on the stretcher though it wasn't clear who it was. After two hours of waiting with no answer our flight was cancelled due to "mechanical issues" 😑
    Take a guess which airline this was. *drumroll* spirit
  6. A woman asked a representative from a different airline what time our flight was leaving. When the rep told her she needed to ask someone from her airline, this woman snapped at here and started yelling that she wanted some answers. Security was called and they had to decide whether or not she was a threat to the flight.
    For some reason people clapped when the woman and her family were allowed on the flight. Even though her inability to read a sign cost us an hour and a half flight delay. Naturally I was seated behind her and she had 4 kids who alternated crying on the plane.